We offer a stringent approach
to the assessment of any commercial property

Commercial Property Inspection & Assessment

Many lending institutions will not approve mortgages of commercial investments without a professional property assessment being completed. The recent earthquakes in Christchurch have created a more conservative approach to commercial lending and insurance, which is why comprehensive commercial property inspections have become an integral component to purchasing a commercial building.

BuildQual’s commercial building inspectors offer a stringent approach to commercial property assessment, resulting in a full report for the purchaser, which can then be shared with the purchaser’s bank and/or insurance company.

The Benefits of Using BuildQual Property Inspection Services

Our commercial reports are tailored specifically to the building owner or purchaser’s requirements, and our experienced inspectors will provide a full and detailed damage assessment, along with a photographic record. Our standard reports include, but are not limited to:


Floor levels


Wall alignment


Moisture testing


Weather tightness


Major structural damage


Minor structural damage/repairs


Suggested future maintenance

Coordination of the following services can also be arranged:

  • Fire protection
  • Geotechnical reports
  • Structural engineering
  • Mechanical services

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BuildQual NZ Ltd was engaged by Mainzeal Property & Construction Limited to assist with the scoping of earthquake damaged commercial buildings in and around the Christchurch and Canterbury region.

Richard Gains, Site Manager, Mainzeal Interiors

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