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Here are some common questions and answers to assist you decide that BuildQual NZ Ltd is the right property inspection company for you.


How much does a builder’s report cost?

A: This is a common question, but you need to be certain you are comparing like with like. Some companies have a cheaper start price and have add-ons which make the cost balloon out. At BuildQual NZ Ltd, we price the job dependent on the size and location of the property. Our standard cost provides you an inspection which is compliant with the New Zealand Standard on property inspections – NZS4306:2005. We do moisture testing as part of that inspection –  all at a price tailored to suit your requirements and the location of the property. You get peace of mind in a report, at a reasonable price – in just over 24 hours from the inspection.


Are there any add-ons then?

A: Yes … but only for building damage inspections – these are more complicated inspections and aimed at the Insurance Companies, to meet their needs.


Why should we use BuildQual NZ Ltd?

A: BuildQual NZ Ltd is an established Canterbury company that uses only Licensed Building Practioners to conduct the inspections. We are flexible and honest – we do what we say we will. When you book a property inspection with BuildQual NZ Ltd, we sent you a letter of engagement – so you know what’s going to happen, when and with which inspector. Most importantly it outlines the cost and itemises all terms and conditions. Totally transparent!!


Do I need to arrange the inspection with my real estate agent?

A: No … BuildQual NZ Ltd will liaise with your agent and arrange access to the property. This is one less thing you need to worry about!! Engage BuildQual NZ Ltd and we will just get on with it and provide you with a high quality, detailed report within 48 hours of the inspection. Having said that though … last week an agent requested a report urgently. I got the call at 1 p.m., had an inspector on-site at 2:30 p.m. and the report to the agent by 11:30 a.m. the next day.


Do you do thermal imaging moisture tests?

A: No … we do not. Thermal Imaging (TI) is good within parameters but it’s looking for differences in temperature in a wall. Hot vs Cold … and then the operator makes a leap of faith and says “if it’s cold, it must be wet”. This is not always the case and I have been called in after an inspection that has used TI only to find that moisture is not present. In one case the home owner was distraught – she thought her house sale was crumbling in front of her eyes.

I use a non-invasive capacitive based tester and an invasive resistance based tester.


Are the BuildQual NZ Ltd reports suitable for banks and insurance companies?

A: Yes to both. Our reports have been relied upon since 2011 by both banks and insurance companies. Peace of Mind for them too!!


What if we have a report completed and miss out on the property, then sign up for a second property and need another report … it does get costly?

A: Talk to us about your needs and what has happened. On a case by case basis there have been times where BuildQual NZ Ltd has been able to assist around multiple reports.

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I have now had two building inspections carried out by BuildQual and they have both been carried out with the up most professionalism, the inspection was booked and completed quickly and in a format that was in a language that the buyers could relate to.


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